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June 13, 2017

Wow! Are you really interested to know about us? WooooHoooo…. Yay!! So, Where Should we start? We’re never Interviewed – So, It feels Special. Whatever, Let’s Begin.

The Meaning of Name 'VitaeVerita':

The name VitaeVerita is made of 2 Words – Vitae (Latin) means ‘Life’ and Verita (Italian) means ‘Truth’. So, The overall term collaborates to result in meaning as: The Truth of Life. Although, we’re not here to judge anything – Like, What is Right and what is wrong! We’re here to disclose the different perspective of people and try to make explain things using that perspective. We’ll learn from others to be a better Human being. This will help us in learning new things from different cultures and teach us “How to respect them!”. Because, Judging will not take us anywhere – But, respecting  and learning will definitely Help us in Reaching Our Goals! ☺

The Blog:

The Blog can be considered as the Collection of All possible articles, which are result of different perspectives of the people and their work. We’ll have a look at various topics related to life and social. We’ll try to expand the limits of thinking. You’ll find the mixture of articles on the blog. You can filter them via Searching or Labels in the blog. I’ll try my best to not influence the article by my own personal point of view. I know, that we all are different! So, We can’t judge anyone – because for judging we need to compare a ‘thing’ with the ‘ideal’ one. And, It’ll be impossible to judge someone’s perspective by comparing it to mine.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to explain things as per different perspectives and make the learning from each other easier. The Topic can be anything, related to politics, sports, science, religion, technology, myths, traditions, cultures etc. All we are here to understand each other, instead of criticizing or judging each other. I hope, this small step of mine will help in making world a better place to live. ☺

The Owners:

Owners of VitaeVerita
Karan & Namish
We are two cousin brothers, Namish & Karan. Who update and maintain this blog. Where, I’m (Karan) the content creator and main updater of the Blog. While, My Brother (Namish) is the main designer. He keeps the blog well maintained and Smooth in function. We both are from different streams and professions. But, this difference is not a drawback – As, we can learn new things from each other’s daily life. And, this leads to respect the mind-set and thoughts of each other. ☺

About Namish:

Namish is a Web Designer, Developer, Graphic Designer, Freelancer and My Brother. He has his own website for various designs and Wallpapers for the Computers. – Wollvo ( You Must check it out! Who knows, you’ll find something useful for making your PC beautiful.

About Karan:

Karan is a Mechanical Engineer, Computer Programmer, Writer and Content creator of the Blog – Vitaeverita ( He also maintains another computer programming Blog for helping others by his Skills. – TheBATeam (

Thanks for showing interest in Little thoughts of mine. I hope, You’ll understand – what I’m trying to say! 

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