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8 Things - To know about stretch marks

July 09, 2018
How to get rid of stretch marks: All of us want the smooth and even skin. We do a lot of efforts to maintain our skin but sometimes things are not in our hand. At one point or another, all of us have to deal with these stretch marks. And especially the women. While we are dealing with these marks we get several questions in our mind and one of them is that how to get rid of stretch marks?

8 Things to know about stretch marks
stretch marks 

8 Things - To know about Stretch Marks

So it's better to know the facts regarding your stretch marks. Today in this article I am going to share some points and some stretch marks treatment also which will help you to tackle them and you will gain some knowledge also. Just have a look on the following points.

1. What exactly stretch marks are?

Stretch marks meaning is that they are long, narrow stripes or lines that develop on the skin. They are red or purple lines that fade with time to gray or silver color. Most o the time you can identify them by looking at them - as they are little different from your regular skin tone.

2. Some people are more susceptible to them:

Anyone can develop these marks but they tend to affect more women than men. Stretch marks on stomach are very common during pregnancy, puberty or any time when weight is gained that is when your skin is stretched. 

Certain medical conditions are also responsible for these stretch marks. They are not physically dangerous but can cause the problem with self-image. But in today's world, these stretch marks are also easily acceptable as a part of our body.

3. Symptoms of having stretch marks:

Before these marks begin to emerge, the skin can appear thin and pink. It may feel irritated and itchy and stretch marks causes burning sensation also( but not always). Over time they may diminish, but will not disappear completely. But young stretch marks are easier to treat than older ones.

4. Genetics also play a vital role:

Genetics also play a vital role
Genetics is also the major reason behind your stretch marks. It's not necessary that only pregnant women or the people who gained their weight suddenly will get these marks. Some people are just prone to them. Because of this reason, you cannot prevent them but they can be treated.

5. Prevention is better than cure:

If you don't have any stretch marks on your body and to maintain this you should drink lots of water as it can help to keep your skin hydrated and full of elasticity. A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables will aid in skin health.

6. They fade over time:

And if you already have stretch marks then the good news is that most stretch marks fade over time in a silvery color and it will be easy to hide them but the best time to treat them is when they are new and darker red in color.

7. Exfoliate:

Everyone skin is different, what works for someone may not work for you. But there are some ways you can use to see if they reduce the appearance of your stretch marks or not. Castor oil, egg whites, lemon juice, cocoa butter are some methods which you can apply two or three times a day.

Exfoliate your skin

8. Accept them:
People generally have a question in their mind that are stretch marks bad? These marks are really common and you know what you are not alone who is having these marks. So don't let these marks take away your confidence and your shine. Your body still looks beautiful.

From Editor's Desk:

As I said that you don't have to worry about these stretch marks. They are really common. Many stretch marks cream are also available in the market. They may help you to lighten your marks. But beware of those fake stretch marks removal cream. And if you also have something to tell us about these stretch marks then leave your comments in the comment section below.

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