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6 Reasons - Skipping Your meal is worst

July 05, 2018
Consequences of skipping meals: In today's lifestyle - our life is so busy and hectic that even we don't have time to eat and concentrate on our health. It is very rare to encounter someone who has never skipped a meal. Some people simply don't have food available or don't have the time to eat just because of their hectic schedule. And, After doing a bit skipping meals research - I can say that...

6 Reasons - Skipping Your meal is worst
6 Reasons - Skipping Your meal is worst
There are some people who skip their meal regularly hoping - that if they will eat less then they will intake fewer calories and will lose more weight. Doesn't matter what is the reason for skipping your meal. But, if you are skipping meals on a regular basis then, this can be the worst thing you can do with your health.

6 Reasons - Skipping Your meal is Worst

If you want to stay healthy and energetic then you should read these points that why you shouldn't skip your meal. I have done some research based on skipping meals myth and After testing some fundamentals of the human body, I can say the following things:

1. It will lower your nutrition level:

Your body is like a machine which needs fuel to maintain it. And that fuels are those nutrients which you will get when you will eat a properly balanced diet. If you will not take a proper diet then ultimately the nutritional level of your body will go down which can cause many problems in future.

6 Reasons - Skipping Your meal is worst
Nutrition Level

2. It makes you feel tired:

Your meal should be your topmost priority. If you will skip your meal on daily basis then obviously you will feel tired, exhausted and your body will not be able to function properly. So, put porpoer food in your body to make it function properly.

3. It will cause indigestion problem:

Most of the people face problems like acidity, stomach pain, indigestion on their daily basis. And, you know why skipping meals causes acidity? - this is all because of their habit of skipping their meal. Every time when you skip your meal your stomach produces acid as your body assumes it it the time to process some food, but in case of skipping meal - the acid level increases - which causes acidity and ulcers in some cases.

4. Invitation to many diseases:

6 Reasons - Skipping Your meal is worst

As I said earlier also that skipping your meal is the worst thing you can do for your health. If you are not eating properly and regularly then your body will not be able to fight with the foreign agents that enter your body and then ultimately you are giving an invitation to many severe diseases.

5. It makes you gain more weight:

If you will not eat properly then your body will preserve every calorie it can until you give the next food supply. So instead of burning calories, your body is preserving them which will end up gaining weight.

6. It will make you look older than your age:

6 Reasons - Skipping Your meal is worst

A proper and healthy diet plays a very important role to make you look fresh and younger. Only makeup will not be going to help you. If you are not eating properly then you will look older from your age and you face will loss all the natural shine.

From Editor's Desk - Benefits of not skipping meals

So, to avoid all these problems and to live a healthy and happy life - make a habit of not skipping your meal no matter how much busy you are. Always remember health comes first because health is wealth. There are many skipping lunch side effects, and I'll probably talk about them in another article. Till the moment, I hope that you'll like this article. Thanks for your time.

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