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5 Types of yoga - That are so dumb!

July 12, 2018
Yoga, the simplest, effective and easiest workout. In recent years yoga is so widely accepted by the whole world due to its effectiveness that now we even celebrate the Yoga Day also on 21st June. Which is a very huge step toward a healthy and disease free society. People now in foreign countries are also accepting the yoga and practicing it on their daily basis. Which is a very good thing.

Practice yoga
As you know that yoga is on the top of the list nowadays and have reached to many foreign countries also. Their people are so crazy about yoga that they have literally ruined this ancient art by doing stupid things. So in my today's article, I am gonna discuss some of the yoga types which are so dumb and funny as well.

5 Types of yoga that are so dumb

As I said that yoga is a very simple workout, but as it is stretched out to the other countries, it is being molded into many different crazy types. Some people there are doing weird nonsense in the name of yoga. We need to understand that if they are doing then that doesn't mean that they are right. So here is 5 dumbest yoga which you must know about.

1. Goat Yoga:

5 Types of yoga that are so dumb they surpass galactic level of stupidity
Goat Yoga
Like seriously goat yoga, the name itself sounds so weird. Yes, you guessed it right, this yoga involves a goat. It is literally performed in a barn full of goats. Someone somewhere said that it will be more fun and beneficial with a goat sitting on your back. So from that day, it is practiced by some of the people.

2. Beer Yoga:

5 Types of yoga that are so dumb they surpass galactic level of stupidity
Beer Yoga
So the next one is beer yoga. Again a weird and dumbest type of yoga. And what you have to do in this yoga is that you have to balance beer pints on one's head in the asana position which of course will fall to sipping beer. It is such a funny and weird yoga that it makes no sense of practicing it.

3. Hot Yoga:

5 Types of yoga that are so dumb they surpass galactic level of stupidity
Hot Yoga
So here comes one more unique type of yoga. This yoga is practiced in a room with temperature going upwards of 35 degree Celsius. The one who found this yoga made people believe that if you will practice yoga in a high-temperature room, then it will lead to sweating which helps you in fat loss and will lead detoxification of the body.

4. Doga Yoga

5 Types of yoga that are so dumb they surpass galactic level of stupidity
Dog Yoga
As the name already has given you the hint. The yoga which is performed with your dogs. You simply forced your dogs to do yoga asana which is meant for humans. It makes no sense that you are forcing your dog to do the asana. That's why it is in the category of dumb yoga.

5. Nude Yoga

5 Types of yoga - That are so dumb!
Nude Yoga
The boss of all the dumbest and weird yoga. As it is cleared with the name only that you have to do the yoga with your clothes off which is making no sense at all. And as it is making no sense, then there is no point in doing this yoga but unfortunately, some people are practicing this yoga which has no purpose.

From the Editor's Desk:

Yoga is a simple art form which is performed in silence, which helps you to understand your thoughts and make a sense of well being. The yoga which is mentioned above is just opposite it. They literally make no sense.So keep it simple which will be more effective. And if you also want to share something about then you can leave your comments in the comment section below.


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