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5 Types of 'So Called Trainers' - Don't Ever Take Fitness Advice From Them

July 17, 2018
Fitness, the topmost priority among people. Now everybody is very much concerned about their health. People have started taking their health very seriously and now everyone google about daily fitness tips. And from doing yoga to going to a gym, everybody is doing a lot of effort to maintain their physique.

5 Types of 'So Called Trainers' - Don't Ever Take Fitness Advice From Them
But have you ever wonder about the fakeness of the people in the gym. Yes, I am talking about the people who called themselves a gym trainer with a little knowledge only. So my today's article is based upon those so-called trainers only.
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Don't ever take fitness advice from these 5 types of 'so-called trainers'

Fake and poor fitness trainers are everywhere. Whether it is a local desi gym or a high fitness studio you. A gym's trainer guidance can either make or break the road to your fitness. So you have to choose wisely that from whom you want to train yourself. Here are some points which a fake trainer will tell you and if he does so then stop taking advice from him.

1. Trainers who suggest steroids and other supplements :

5 Types of 'So Called Trainers' - Don't Ever Take Fitness Advice From Them
Let me clear you one thing, those steroids and other supplements are not going to help you in any way. And a good trainer will never allow or suggest you these supplements as a quick fitness tip. Though it's an easy way to build up your body but is also dangerous to your health. So if your trainer is advising you to use such supplements then you need to change your trainer.

2. Trainers who compare you with the others:

Everybody's body is different in their own way. And it will take its own time to build up. Some people will take 8 months to burn calories and the other can lose it in only 2 or 3 months. So there is no point in comparing. And if you have a trainer like this, then you know what to do.

3. Trainers who say a particular food is responsible for your fat:

5 Types of 'So Called Trainers' - Don't Ever Take Fitness Advice From Them
overeating makes you fat
Keep it in mind that no particular food will make you fat, overeating does. If you are eating a burger once in a month than it's not going to increase your fat but yes if you are overeating it then it will probably make you fat. So no particular food is responsible for your fat. This was one of the fitness tips of the day.

4. Trainers who advice different workout for fat loss and muscle gain:

Trainers who give different fitness tips for weight loss and muscle gain. .You don't need to do the different workout for your fat loss and muscle gain. All you need to do is change your nutrition according to your goal. Because what nutrition fat loss will require is totally different from the muscle gain, as both the goals are totally different.

5. Trainers who just show off and do nothing:

5 Types of 'So Called Trainers' - Don't Ever Take Fitness Advice From Them
Show off
A good an nd professional trainer have no time to show off. His skills will be automatically noticed by the others. And if your trainer is constantly showing off his skills and impressing you with his words only by giving you some fake quick fitness tips then you should need to change your trainer. As he has a fear of losing his clients.

From the Editor's Desk:

These were some of the points which a fake trainer will surely tell you as he has a lack of proper knowledge. So beware of this kind of trainers and if you also have some advice to give then feel free to write in the comment section below. Thank you for your valuable time.

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