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4 Silent Killers - To Watch Out For While Working at a Desk Job

July 15, 2018
Science and technology are developing so fast nowadays that we don't have to do any kind of physical work. We can complete our work in within a second on our computers, mobiles and the other electronic gadgets. Which is a very good thing also, as it is a time saver technique.

4 Silent killers to watch out for while working at a desk job
Desk job
But have you ever wonder that we spend our whole day on sitting with these devices only, not doing any kind of physical activity especially those people who are doing desk jobs and working for long hours continuously. Most of them are struggling with desk job fat. During these kinds of jobs, the stress level is higher and physical activity is lower. So there are huge chances that you might be suffering from these following conditions:

4 Silent killers to watch out for while working at a desk job

If you are also working for long hours continuously then you have also get the thought that how to stay in shape with a desk job because physical movements are very rare in your body. So it's time to be aware as some disease will attack you silently and by the time you will realize it will get to late. So here are 4 silent killers that you must know about.

1. Musculoskeletal damage:

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While working for long hours in awkward posture increase the risk of developing the musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) that will damage your body muscles and joints. So to avoid this thing, you have to avoid extended work hour and while working sit in a good posture otherwise your muscles will buckle under work pressure.

2. Heart attack:

4 Silent killers to watch out for while working at a desk job
Heart attack
The heart attack is from one of those silent killers which most of the time will never give you any symptom before arriving. Doing continuously work for long hours will increase your blood pressure and will increase your heart rate also. Your heart is your pumping machine, keep it healthy and happy.

3. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome:

Even people of young age also are suffering from this syndrome. In this syndrome, you will feel pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in your hands. If you are working for long hours from past few years then you are more likely to develop this syndrome.

4. Risk of obesity:

4 Silent killers to watch out for while working at a desk job
Obesity is one of the major problems which people are facing nowadays. As you are working for long hours continuously, it will reduce your time spent in preparing the home cooked meal, exercising and sleeping which ultimately lead to obesity. So if you are thinking that how to loose weight with a dsek job then you can ask your doctor for desk job bodybuilding diet.

From the Editor's Desk:

These were some of the silent killers which you must know about if you are working for long hours repetitively. So if you want to know that how to stay with a sedentary job then the answer is very simple. Reduce your work pressure and increase your physical activity. And if you also have any suggestions regarding this then please feel free to write your comments. 

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