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10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive

July 01, 2018
10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive: People often struggle with finding some of the shortcuts for living a better life. And, What is better than Habits? Habits keep us continuing the same task daily without much of the effort. A habit can be from Brushing a Teeth, to working out daily. And, there are many Good Habits those can help you. So, In this article - I'll try to share top 10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive. Let's have a look.
People with No goals...
Works for the People with Goals.

10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive
10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive

10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive

Here, We have listed some habits that will help you in being smarter and more productive. While productivity is all about your focus on one task at a time. So, You need to fix some of your daily compulsiveness also. If you have any doubt or suggestion for this article - I'll be happy to read them in the comments.

Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who'll argue with you.

1 - Consume less - produce More

Stop reading random articles, go write something. Practice the 80/20 rule in life. 20% of your time = Consume80% of your time = Produce. By this way, if you won't waste alot of time on reading other's thoughts, then You'll find plenty of time to analyze nature of life itself & learn everything by experience.

10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive
Consume Less - Produce More

2 - Watch less TV

I think this should be at the top of the list. But, I feel like You can also apply 80/20 rule here in this scenario. (almost all scenarios of life) TV is EVIL and it kills our creativity. That is the harsh truth.

3 - Go out for a walk

If you are stuck with a problem, go out for a walk. Talk to the trees, they know the answer. Or in other words, if you feel overloaded. You Just have to leave the situation for a while, Go out - be amazed at the life you are, and the life around you.

10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive
Connect with Nature

4 - Hang out with people who are smarter than you

Remember that quote? You are average of 5 people that you hang out with the most. So, If you are feeling very dumb among your friend circle - Congratulations! You have a lot of room for betterment in life. But, be sure - You are not in the group of people - who kept Bullying you all the time. Know the difference between Being bullied and being pushed to be better.

10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive
Be with people smarter than you!

5 - Practice intentional reading

Only read something if you are looking for an answer. No more reading just because you saw something in your Facebook newsfeed. International reading means, You can read articles from trusted High-quality sources. Who prefer users over their personal benefits.

6 - Practice your craft daily

Whatever you are good at, do more of it. Practice it On the daily basis. If it is not possible - Make a weekly schedule, and do it once a week. But, Don't leave it. Otherwise, You'll leave a very part of you - that actually makes you - who you are right now.

10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive
Practice Your craft

7 - Start a side hustle

See if you can generate some passive income. It’s a great way to improve your business skills. You can either start to write a blog, Sell your projects at, Fiverr or other online platforms. Or you can also help others in their life and earn from it.

8 - Sleep

Sleeping well is a great way to recharge and it keeps our brain sharp. You should give your body and mind enough time ot relax. So, You may not required 8 hours of sleep (depending on the daily schedule) Try to keep the number as low as possible, The quality of your sleep matters - not its quantity.

10 Habits - To Make You Smarter & More Productive

9 - Learn a new skill

Maybe a new language or pick up a new hobby. You need to keep looking for skills from everyone. You can analyze their thoughts and their perspective of life. Its never too late to learn a new skill. All you need is to start today.
Everybody Needs a Hobby -Ironman 3

10 - Answer questions on Quora - Help Others!

There are so many “hidden” benefits of this. e.g. You get to help others, You get to share personal stories, You get to produce content. But, you should keep one thing in mind. Use 80/20 rule here also. Otherwise, You'll find another companion to be less productive. and, this time - its name would be Quora.

From Editor's Desk

So, this is the end of the article. And, I think in the end you'll say - What's New? I already Knew all these. So, You can consider it as the reminder and refreshing your memory. If you are already applying all these in your life - I really want you to comment below. I'll be very happy to read your views. Thanks for your time.
Main Source for Idea: Quora

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