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January 22, 2018
Humans are considered as one of the intelligent species on the planet. But, Are they Wise enough for surviving on the planet? Now, that is a good question to ask. In few words, I'll try to explain these two concpets of human mind. The Article - "Are You 'WISE' or 'INTELLIGENT'?" will definately add some positive thoughts in your perspective about life. Let's explore both the terms with live examples.

Are You 'WISE' or 'INTELLIGENT'? - Short Explanation
Are You 'WISE' or 'INTELLIGENT'? - Short Explanation


Although, both kind of people makes quite an impact on the socity. But, The importance of impact has more value than the impact itself. And, the person who understands this difference - is the wise one. A simple live explanation with a great example I read on the Quora article. So, I wanted to share it with all of you. And, want to add some of my own thoughts about it. 

A wise person might know - How to design a nuclear weapon! but will instead understand - very soon the negative consequences of building such weapons.

Concept of Intelligence

Are You 'WISE' or 'INTELLIGENT'? - Short Explanation
Mark Zukerberg - Founder of

An Intelligent person can solve a Problem!
An intelligent person: (Mark Zuckerberg’s view on AI) He doesn’t evaluate the problems of AI development in the future, he just wants to do it. The Love of learning and exploring more. Which is indeed a good thing to have.

Seems like, Only because he can do it - An intelligent person just want to do it. He just want to prove his point inthe world. And, Solve all the problems with his knowledge. 

Concept of Wisdom

Are You 'WISE' or 'INTELLIGENT'? - Short Explanation
Elon Musk - 'Nikola Tesla' of the Century
A Wise Person avoids the Problem.
A wise person: (Elon Musk’s view on AI) Considers the future of AI and sees the dangers to humanity. He thinks about how to do it beneficially. For the sake of betterment of human race on this planet. 

Seems like, a wise person is the one - Who is conscious about his own intelligence and thinks before acting. Don't want his own gun of knowledge to backfire on him. or Avoids using the Gun.

From Editor's Desk

If you want to add something or share your own thoughts & doubts about the concept - Please feel free to leave a comment below. I'll Try to help you out. Or maybe someone else will get benefit from knowing your perspective of life.


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