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6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship

September 07, 2017
6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship: Relationships should not feel like a burden to one Side. As, the Cart of relationship can only be driven by the full accommodation of both sides. In real, Relationships are just Give & take. It should never be one sided. The relationship is all about sharing your time, thoughts, consideration, care and love to your partner. 
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There is no such thing as a successful relationship - where one person just leeches off the others, it should always have a semblance of mutuality in all aspects of its being. You have to make sure that - You are able to make adjustments to accommodate another person into your life. 

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
The relationship is not all about sharing the love with your partner. Its also about sharing your time, attention and thoughts to your partner without holding back. We all know that every person has different personalities. Not all of us willing to give and expect same from our partner - some peoples are very passive. And, they just don’t demand more in the relationship. It is natural, it’s the reality of life as well. So, Here I'm gonna talk about 6 Things - Those you must ask your partner in a relationship. Sit tight - and, Pay attention!

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship

A Relationship is comes with a great feeling. Morning becomes more cheerful - you wake up from bed with the new excitement each day. Meanwhile, When you realize it is all one sided. But, we all want a balanced and healthy relationship. And for that, we have to give importance to each other. When there is an imbalance then, that could be a source of potential conflict. That is why, we should always be open about our feelings with one another. 

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
Ask for - What you deserve!

Things Both Sides deserves from Each other in a Relationship!

You should be willing to give your partner just as much as you are getting in return. When there is a balance, then there is harmony in the relationship. You should always know that it’s all okay to demand more from your partner, you need to be able to establish a semblance of balance in the relationship if you want to go it long. 

You have to be there for each other, you can’t afford to fall short on the expectations that you have set for one another. That is why, you shouldn’t be afraid to open up and talk about it. Here we are discussing few things that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for in a relationship.
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1. Attention

Who doesn’t love attention? 😋😋 Apart from few people, everyone wants attention. As a couple in love, you have to be able to offer each other as much as attention as they need. You have to create safe spaces to communicate and to express love and one’s emotions to each other. Whenever your partner wants to share anything you have to give him/her time and all your attention to listen to it properly.

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
Ask For Their Attention - But, Don't Annoy or Disturb them while working!

2. Time

Time is money, everyone is following this rule in their life. But, being in a relationship you will have to manage with your time and finding the right balance between work and love life - to achieve the happiness. If you are not getting enough time with the person you love, then it’s your duty to let her/him know about this. 

But, sometimes you have to make some compromises. But, if things are crossing a line, then let your partner know about this. If you allow yourself to spend too much time apart, then the space you create might get permanent.

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
Time is money! Make Your Partner Rich - by sharing most of it with them. :)

3. Communication

Nowadays, the reason of breakup are mainly because of not getting enough communication. For being in a healthy and happy relationship, communication plays a vital role. You cannot have a relationship without a good communication. You have to talk to each other so that you will understand each other. 

If there is any kind of communication gap between you and your partner. Then, you should speak and tell him/her to talk. Good communication helps to stay away from any kind of misunderstandings. And also helps in building the trust in your relationship.

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
Always find a way to talk - atleast once in a Day!

4. Effort

No one is born perfect. You are just as flawed as your partner, we all make mistakes. And, at some time we all lose touch with ourselves and also losing touch with the relationship seems a natural conclusion. There is not about how far things seem to be drifting away from you, this is all about how much effort you both are making to stay together and to keep your love alive.

If you think that your partner is not making effort to keep the relationship healthy. Then, you should speak to him/her. And let them know about this. Be reasonable and willing to compromise, but help your partner to understand that without an equal effort, there is no real reason to stay in each other’s lives.

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
Do Make an effort - It's Your Duty!

5. Commitment

It is all okay to demand commitment with your partner But, not all the time. If you want a healthy relationship you must have to commit to it. It will always help you to succeed in love. Commitment is the basic key of the relationship always keep this in mind. And, Don't over do any of the given points. because, Too much of anything is harmful.
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6. Empathy

It is so true that feeling and emotions are a very complex phenomenon. Sometimes, when you get overly emotional, people might tend you as being irrational or stupid. And, that’s the time where your partner should step in. 

When your feelings and emotions are causing you to be unreasonable, then your partner should be there to empathize with you. And, you always have someone to whom you will able to share all your overwhelming emotions with him/her. You have to speak to your partner, and never let yourself dealing with all feeling and emotion alone.
Because, Sharing is Caring!

6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship
6 Things - You Must Ask In a Relationship

From Editor's Desk:

In the End, I'll say - Too Much of Anything is Harmful. If you do all above things more than they are necessary - then, you can be the main reason for your own relationship loss. because, understanding is also a great factor. You must understand each other's situation before demanding such comforts in a relationship. 

If you agree with all these points, feel free to give a comment below. And, for any suggestions and advice for your love life - You can leave a comment. We'll be there to help you within 24 hours. And, in the End - I'll say - Please, Share and Spread this important message with your friends to keep them out of the stupid zone. Thanks for your time. :)

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