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10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl

August 01, 2017
Women are the most complex and beautiful creature made by God. By our Nature - we want to solve the complex things. And, want the beautiful things in our life. Impressing women is probably very difficult. And, we can say one of the toughest things in the world unless you look super-hot and amazing. But, it is not always that a girl wants good looking guys only, gaining a woman's confidence is the game of charm, wit, and intelligence.

10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl
10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl

10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl

Here we are discussing 10 psychological tricks that will help you to grab women attraction. And, also helps you to make a girl more attracted towards you. So, Without wasting any time - Let's have a look at them.
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1. Be her friend

Friendship is the initiation of every relationship. But, there is a very big difference between being her friend and being friend zoned. It is proven that friend zone always leads for a month or for some time - and then move in and start dating.

So, guys wake up and start some effort to show her your interest in doing some little stuff like leave a small note in her bag, sending good morning text, talk her through her problems and sympathize her. Doing this thing will make you practically half way ready for dating her, now you just have to tell that you want her for rest of your life.

10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl
Friend zoned

2. Break the touch barrier

Touching a person can say very things that even you can’t explain in words too. It is a good psychological hit that works amazingly well in many situations. Try to touch her gently, on the shoulder and ask her for some help, grab her hand or make up some game that requires touch and plays.

Try to do cool handshake every often. Try to make her know that you are willing to touch her in a non-sexual way. And, this will help her become more comfortable with you. You should always notice her reaction if she reacts weird than you should stop it also.
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3. Tell her Secrets

Telling secrets is just like building your trust with her. So always try to tell her a secret about yourself something personal that not a many people know. As you will tell her more things about yourself she will notice that you are trusting her. So, you are sharing your personal matter to her. And, this will helps to open the door of trust in her too. When you prove that you trust her then you will see that she will start to reciprocate in the same manner. 

4. Have your own life

Yes, this is so true that there are not any shortcuts to impress a girl. As girls want guys who have their life amazing and interesting. So, before approaching any girl try to make your own life amazing, full of fun and satisfied. So, that after doing your own stuff whenever you say a girl, that you really like her then she will definitely flock.

5. Make her laugh

This is so true that girl falls for them who makes her laugh. So, this is a great tip for you guys that make yourself funny for her. You may think you’re not so funny - but, the truth is everyone can be funny - if they try to make them. You have to make yourself so much confidence that you can say any unfunny joke around the people, just to make her laugh.

10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl
10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl
Girls always love laughing, and the more you can make her laugh the chances of impressing her will increases. Also, you have to notice her while laughing where her eyes are going, that will give you hint about her interest too.

6. Have a great hygiene

Girls always love those who smell good. So, guys Start to give some time to yourself and groom yourself. Try to avoid sweating and bad breath smell. Always use deodorants whenever you want to go out. I am not saying to smell amazing, but always try to smell presentable. Some small tips can make you great effect.  All girls fall for those guys who have a great smell all the time.

7. Give her all your attention

Every girl wants attention. It is one of the most valuable things that you can give a girl. If you want that girl notice you then always pay attention to her, and not just for a couple of minutes trying to look her in the eyes when she is talking to you. Try to mention her in your conversation and start making her special.

8. Beef up your confidence game

Being confident for what you are doing, is the most important thing. This is the thing that can make you more aware and know that what makes you awkward, insecure and helps you to work on yourself, by improving it. Confident guys are the gems in the group you always notice that. So start to build up your confidence, if you want to impress a girl.

9. Ask her to do things for you

This tip is somewhat manipulative. But, not evil or negative for just asking her to do something for you. Peoples brain are having a very simple way to understand, it just thinks that if she is working for you then there is just something about you that she likes. And, that is why she is doing your work. This is a proven concept by Benjamin Franklin, he uses this technique against his rivals and political opponents.

10 Psychological Tricks - To Attract a Girl
Interesting Hobby

10. Have an interesting hobby or passion

Everyone has some passion and hobbies in their life. But, having any passion is not enough thing. You must have to work on it. It should be your true passion, not a fake one. Girls always get attracted to those guys who are very passionate about their hobbies. When you are actually passionate about something your girl will definitely notice. And there has been said that having intense passion makes a guy sexier.
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So, In the end - I Just wanna say that, If you find this article useful or you want to make any contribution to the content. Please feel free to comment below. I'll be happy to read them. And, I'll try to answer them as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

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