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What is Wrong with the Indian Education System?

July 19, 2017
The main purpose of an Education system is to turn a human into a better person. So, That they can fit into the society. The Education is the system by which - we humans try find out the best in our own self. We've created a kind of system, which Helps us in making us civilized. And, This differentiates us from the other animal kingdom animals. But, What is the use of a system - Which don't helps in getting better. But, instead take us one step behind in life. 

This is the exact case with the current mentality & Education system of India. Maybe, You may see these problems in the other countries too. But, I'm sharing here my own experience. And, If you Find the same scenario in your own country too - Please leave a comment below. And, if you have a certain solution for the problem. You can write about your that view too in the comments.

What is Wrong with the Indian Education System?
Education and Knowledge are different things!

What is Wrong with the 'Indian Education System'

I'm not going to talk about the myths and other thinkings here. In this article - I'm gonna talk about the Facts.  And, these facts easily explains the holes of the system. While, knowing about these flaws - If we still don't upgrade our education system - then this Gun of Education will backfire soon - for sure. We need to take Hard-Decisions to make the future better.
A Bad system will Beat a Good Person everytime.
I'll try to start with a Great Story - which I've read in one of my high school books. I don't know about the genuinity of the Story. But, the message it is sending to the society is worth hearing / reading this one out. And, Later I'll talk about few heart-breaking facts and results of these flaws of the system. This Short Story will definitely help you in understanding the main flaw/Hole in the system.

In a school with KG class. In the english book of their curriculum there was a line, “Father carries bag to the office.” All the students were taught the same. However there was one student who had always seen his father carrying laptop to office. In test he wrote, “Father carries laptop to the office.
He was awarded 0 marks and scolded by the teacher. These type of incidents kept happening with him - where he had to give up his innovative ideas. And, accept whatever was expected to be written in the exam. When these students join for higher education. We have to ask them to develop innovative thinking.

This is the problem with education system today. From childhood innovative skills are murdered by the system. Minds are made to believe in whatever is in the printed form. We need to change the system and encourage innovation at the grass root level.

What is Wrong with the Indian Education System?
Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
And, Maybe this little but really instructive story has explained most of our own stories. This is why - Bookworms are the different species. Who, don't know about the real thing. but, Know everything written in the paper. We must prevent our children from becoming one of those bookworms. Because, in the practical and competitive world. There is no place for such hypothetical species. because, they are the result of the holes in the education system. We need to fill these holes - otherwise these holes will sink our Ship definitely. 
“When you take the free will out of education, that turns it into schooling.”

Some Facts & Incidents Due to Holes in System

Here's a Little List of the Facts that may support the flaws and improvements need to be done in the current education system. I've taken the idea from Quora and the related answers given. So, They are basically the experiences of the people of India with education system.
  1. Half the country does not even have access to proper education, and only a small fraction can go to university.
    1. Lack of quality primary education for the poor
    2. Limited seats in Universities
  2. Everything is about rote memorization, leading to behaviour which encourages cramming and forgetting rather than lifelong learning.
  3. Standardized testing determines everything, and aptitude of students is not recognized outside this format.
  4. Lack of diversity in the subjects you can take in college (e.g. can't double major in Math and German like you can in the USA)
  5. Extreme pressure from parents / society to use education for financial security = CSE degrees for programming jobs or medicine. Societal pressure to get into the "right schools", not only for the education aspect but to ensure good job/ marriage prospects, in general success in life. Little incentive to take risks and follow own interests or encourage creativity. Generally conformist culture, which makes educational achievement the only thing that matters to social standing.
  6. Additional extreme pressure due to limited seats resulting in very intense competition between students.
  7. Reservation system 
  8. Management quota system.
  9. Government control of education/ Government Monopoly in education. 
  10. Right to Education Act
  11. Education sector is closed to for-profit organizations.
  12. Few opportunities and flexibility to cross over into different streams of education.
The Upper are the terms regarding the Indian education system. Which I think - all of you will agree with. And, Here's a heart touching case because of all these things. The incident is really heart touching. 

What is Wrong with the Indian Education System?

Look at the boy on the left - His name is Abhimanyu Sadasivan. Really a brilliant kid. And, I think well mature in the thinking even at this age. Source Abhimanyu was a 16-year old student in 11th grade and was found dead on the terrace of his family’s apartment in March, 2014. He committed suicide in the midst of his exams and left a suicide note in his chemistry exam sheet. On it, was written:
The CBSE system is based on mugging. Education should be about understanding and applying your knowledge. My death should be a lesson and a reason for the system to change.
Apparently, he had a pretty high IQ. He liked reading and writing a lot. He was not alone. There was 17-yr old Kriti Tripathi, a student at one of the Kota's coaching centers. She jumped to her death from a five-storey building in Kota in April this year. Though she had comfortably cleared the IIT entrance exams, she complained that studies in these centers subjected the students to unbearable stress and depression in her suicide note. She Wrote,
Please Government of India HRD do something about these coaching institutes. They suck and should be shut down as soon as possible.
 And, That's not enough. If I'll talk about all of them. Then, this article will become a book. There's a lot to say. But, The time and words are limiting me here. So, i'll finish this deep topic here. If you wish to share your experiences and want to speak about it. You are welcome in the comments. We have - our voice will become one and change the system. because, If we'll follow it - only then the system has its value. Otherwise, it is nothing but a dull set of rules. Thanks for your time. :)

Article Source: Quora

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