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Sony Patented: Wireless Charging Sending Technology (Tesla's Dream)

July 02, 2017
Sony Patented - Wireless Charging Sending Technology: Smartphones these days are one of the basic & important thing. But, with the low battery efficiency - they can only lasts about  a day before you need to charge them again. This problem has really kept few of the technical geeks awake. And, Maybe today their hard-work is paying off. As, Now Sony has successfully Patented their Wireless Charging Sending Technology under the file number US 20170064283. So, You can visit and read completely about their plan and implementation methods.

Sony Patented: Wireless Charging Technology (Tesla's Dream)
Sony Patented: Wireless Charging Sending Technology (Tesla's Dream)

Wireless Charging Sending Technology (Tesla's Dream)

Sony Patented: Wireless Charging Sending Technology (Tesla's Dream)The concept of Wireless energy transfer (maybe wifi, bluetooth, microwave, RADAR, SONAR etc.) was first thought by the amazing revolutionary scientist, "Sir Nikola Tesla". Who not only took the world 400-500 years ahead of its time with Electricity. but, also wanted to provide these facilities for free. because, he thinks them as one of the basic need for the humans to live.

And, Even after many decades from his death. His ideas are still astonishing the world. And, Something similar is obtained and applied by the Great Sony Company. They are one of the leading names in the research and Development Area, along with the Motorola, Nokia And Apple.

How Wireless Charging Sending Technology Works?

In the Patented file, Sony has disclosed the method for wirelessly transferring power and data between two consumer electronics – smartphones, refrigerator, TV, computer, washing machine, microwave oven, etc. That means, Almost all of the home gadgets, which contains a little electronics in them can now simply charge your device from a short distance. 

According to the patent file, "The proposed devices contains 2 antennas. One for data transfer and the other for power." Which further means that you’ll be able to control the machines from your mobile whilst the same machine is charging it. That's quite amazing and awesome method. because, We are crowded by almost hundreds of electronic items nearby us. So, this will definitely increase the working time of the smartphone devices.

So, That is all from my side. I hope, You'll like this amazing step by Sony. And, In the next decade (maybe) you can share your Charging with your friends - who really needs it. Because, Technology is making our lives better. And, Don't forget to share you thoughts about Sony's this amazing step to the future. Do comment below. We'll be happy to read them. Thanks for your time.

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