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Life is totally Meaningless! We live - We die. So what's the point?

July 02, 2017
Life is totally Meaningless: Do Life has any Meaning? Why we do all this stuff - If We have to die one day? Yup, That’s Exactly! what I used to think - when I was 14 or 15. And, the thought was quite strong that, I fell into depression for days. And, All of you know - Depression is not a good thing for Humans. It is like, Having the CPU of Your Brain at 100% usage  - all of the time. It will slow your thinking ability, as well as damage the brain cells too. The Questions which really depressed me were also logical. As, We are Biological robots - We have such a short lifespan that -we’ll never know:
  1. Who created this universe?
  2. Why we are created?
  3. What is the purpose of doing things, if I have to die one day and everything will be gone for once.
  4. Why should I suffer for these 70–80 years? If everything I'm gonna do is Just temporary.
Life is totally Meaningless! We live - We die. So what's the point?
Life is totally Meaningless!

Life is totally Meaningless! We live - We die.

But, One Day My Uncle started talking to me about - science (my fav. topic) and new discoveries. So, I was quite interested in the conversation. Because, I like Science & explaining things based on Facts. He elaborated and made me understand about the one fact. Which really made an impression on my thinking. It was one of the great advice that I'll not forget throughout my life.
Our Aim in Life is to Look for an Aim, Do Our Job - that’s assigned to us (or Do our part in this Big Game) Between this, try to do something - so after your death people will remember you.
Don’t run from your Duty - Like a Soldier! You need to complete your duties. Here, I’m not telling you to blindly follow anything. But, If you’ll keep thinking like this and waste all your creative brain power in unnecessary Task. You’ll be no use for anything. Just Fulfill the title given to you.

Life is totally Meaningless! We live - We die. So what's the point?E.g. If you are a brother - Take care of your sister and Do whatever a good brother need to do for his sister. And, you don't need anyone's opinion about it. Your inner gut will tell you - whether the action you are going to take is right or wrong. (But, Sometimes - Sharing & talking make things clear. And, help you understanding better).

And, You are like a Super Advanced computer. And, what you are doing is - putting it in an infinite loop - which only does a stupid task of Thinking about when it's gonna end. If you’ll die now, No one will be effected as you were nobody. So, Do something good for others before you die. This concept of dying for others seems Illogical - But, Life is all about learning & exploring. The more you'll feed your brain with positivity - the more productive you'll become.

Life is totally Meaningless! We live - We die. So what's the point?

I strongly recommend to read and watch biographies of some famous people like - Dr. A. P. J. Abdul kalam, Sir Nikola Tesla. And, You’ll know the meaning of living and immortality. And, By learning from our elders - we can learn about life at much more faster rate than trying to understand it with our own experience. So, Be Smart & Kind. And, Do something good before you die. Do Atleast - One Good Thing for Others EveryDay. And, You'll see the purpose of your life. And, The Great Pablo Picasso Explains the same thing in their own style as:
“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” —Pablo Picasso.
So, I have to end the article here. Otherwise, it will become a book. And, Also you seems bored reading all this Crap. And, It may seems more religious to you than Scientific. But, Trust me - I, Myself is kind of atheist. Yet, I still believe in principles and discipline in life. So, Before I die - I can give it a meaning in my last breaths on earth. 

That's it folks. If you are thinking - I went crazy there, Or I'm right (in any case). Feel free to Leave a comment below. And, If you like it - Please do share the article to help us grow. Any Suggestions or feedback about it, will be highly appreciated. Thanks for your time. 😊 (A part of your precious Life.)


  1. Sir , I like your views on life....I am also a man who is finding the reason of life...Why human are separate from other animals? Is it a biological defect in homo sapiens or religious motive or something else?
    These questions are always strike to my mind.but I like the philosophy of Buddha who always said to observe the life. You would really find your answer if you totally focused on your goal. One day, perhaps , we would get answers of these questions.
    At last I like your articles ... Waiting for next one bro...

    1. Really Appreciate your views and Support. Writing the Next One soon! :)


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