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Is God an Atheist?

July 11, 2017
Ahmm! Ahmm! So, Today I'm Gonna write about one of the most annoying question that always roam in my mind about the paradox of Atheism. As, I'm from a Hindu family - So, From My childhood, I was trained to worship God / Gods (in Hinduism, There are lot of them). So, I was Not an atheist From my childhood - but, as I grew up. I came to understand about the reality of this practical world. Where, God is the indirect synonym for Hope. So, Now - I don't see God as a Statue or any other physical Thing. I understand the concept of God as a feeling of Our own self-conscious. The Following explanation and the arguments may help you in understanding my words more clearly:

Is God an Atheist?
Is God an Atheist? 

Is God an Atheist?

Human Beings are a Great Creation of Nature. As, They posses the ability to think critically. And, They can reason their thinking too. So, If we use this ability to think clearly and use it to understand the concept of life. Then, We can certainly achieve the Answer to our question. All we need is to keep everything simple and clean. So, It doesn't create a mess while reasoning. 

Here, The thought of God Being an Atheist arose - when I understood the concept of atheism. As, The One who doesn't believe in the Super-intelligent creator of his existence is an atheist. (Roughly defined) And, It doesn't require great intelligence or effort to think clearly. So, Let's See the argument closely.

#1. No One Created GOD!

As per almost of the religions - God is a supreme, all-powerful being. Then, it may be possible that such a being could both exist and be atheist. Because, It may not be aware of its own power or purpose. Because, No one was there to tell him his purpose. Maybe, He needed to find out the purpose of his existence - So, He created the Humans as his own image to see - whether they can find their purpose in life. And, through those observations - he may find out his own purpose. (Like a scientist in a lab).

Is God an Atheist?
No One to Guide.

#2. God Doesn't Believe in Any Other God.

The Ultimate creator of the universe, (as defined in most of the religions) - he was not created by anyone. But, he created everything in the universe - maybe multiverse too. But, As no one created him. So, There's no chance that he / she / it would believe in any other supreme being. So, That makes him a non believer of GOD. Thus, Isn't God an Atheist? I would say -

Is God an Atheist?
I'm the God - No One Created me.


So, Can a god be atheist? Clearly, Yes! (If god exists!) But, Also it all depends on how you define the term "God" - and that varies from religion to religion. And, Person to person too. Because, What I've learnt from my community is a way different than what I think of the term God. I think God as Nature, Energy - Which has created everything and Can destroy it too. And , Also They provide us power to do our our daily work - which is also - "One of the definition of God from religions."

This is all the thinking of my crazy mind. So, Don't think that it is the only answer or logic. I'm just here sharing my perceptions and analyses of life. If you think it seems right or wrong at any point - you are free to leave a comment below. But, If you didn't like the article - It's not my mistake. You should have stopped reading it. I'm not forcing anyone to listen to - What I have to say. It's all your decision. Anyway, I just like to stay away from negative people. That's all from my side. Do Appreciate the thought if you think. I like appreciations. :) Thanks for your time.

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