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Indian Scientists - Discovered Amazing Supercluster of Galaxies | Named it "Saraswati"

July 14, 2017
Another Great impact from the Indian Community - As a team of Indian scientists Discovered an unknown and unidentified "Cluster of Galaxies". This cluster is about 4 billion light years away. Quite a long distance... They've found many heavy bodies and Planets with big sizes than normal (Earth's size). The Scientists team Agreed to a single name for this cluster as "Saraswati". Which is the name of holy Hindu Goddess. And, She is considered as the Goddess of Knowledge. So, The Name they've selected - itself is quite inspiring.

Indian Scientists - Discovered Amazing Supercluster of Galaxies | Named it "Saraswati"
The Saraswati Galaxy Cluster

Indian Scientists - Discovered Amazing Supercluster of Galaxies

As, The distance of this system is quite far away from us. So, It is practically impossible to tell details about the cluster. And, the bodies residing in the galaxies. But, While interaction with one of the PhD student named Shishir Sankhyayan - who was an important part of the team. They Told about the uniqueness and importance of such discovery. They Stated that, 
“There are basically only four or five known superclusters of this size in the entire universe. So, our discovery is a rare find!”
The Researcher Shishir is a student at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune. And, Not only that - The other team members are also quite impressed with their own work and its importance. And, Saraswati is estimated to be stretched over 650 million light years in distance.

Indian Scientists - Discovered Amazing Supercluster of Galaxies | Named it "Saraswati"
The Milky Way Galaxy - where we Live!
As, We know that - a Galaxy is a group of millions of starts (maybe more - Scientifically it is taken as 10^11 or 100000000000 stars) in one galaxy. And, Remember - Our Sun is also a Star. So, you can imagine the possibilities of life and other things in the Saraswati Cluster. Because, They've found almost quite a junk of galaxies together. So, this maybe the next step towards the future of mankind. 

When asked - Sankhyayan said, “Since our information is based on signals received from stars at such massive distance. we are essentially looking into the past of the universe, as light from these stars has taken about four billion years in reaching us. It is around this time, scientists believe, that dark energy, about which we know little, had begun to dominate the space in the universe. The study of Saraswati therefore is likely to offer more insight into our understanding of dark energy”

And, The Milky Way galaxy, of which Earth is a very small member, is part of the Laniakea supercluster, which is recently identified only in 2014. So, According to the details told - the Saraswati Cluster has almost twenty thousand trillion - 2x10^16... Suns. And, Don't know about the planets and their satellites revolving around them. So, Stop imagining and start understanding the possibilities. 

That's all for now. I Hope, you'll like my article. If you are in doubt or want to suggest anything new to make it better. You are welcome to the comment field below. I'll be very happy to read and answer your comments. And, one thing is for sure... I'll definitely not charge for making good appreciation comments. Thanks for your time.

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