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3 Steps - To Know Your Perfect Bra Size

July 20, 2017
Wearing an ill-fitting bra makes your breast look saggy and flowing. This habit of wearing wrong size bra can make your body shapeless, and nobody wants to look shapeless. As we all know that breast is an integral part of any women’s beauty. So, it is important to wear right size of bra and this will help not only to make your breast look amazing but this also gives you look more confident and comfortable.

3 Steps - To Know Your Perfect Bra Size
3 Steps - To Know Your Perfect Bra Size
We all know as we grow up our bodies change all the time - as we gain or lose weight, we gain or lose our muscle tone with exercise, with pregnancy or nursing, and simply as we age. It is true that at least 80% of women wear incorrectly sized bra. Some of them wear too small and some wear too large size instead of their size. As, they are not able to measure their perfect size.
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3 Steps - To Know Your Perfect Bra Size

Here, we are helping you to measure your breast size. And, also helping you in buying the perfect size bra easily. By following some basic measurements steps you can use to measure your bra size which will give you comfort. You have to just follow some main steps to measure your breast size. So, be with me in the following 3 steps. Let's have a look.

3 Steps - To Know Your Perfect Bra Size
Band Size Measuring

#1. Determine your - Band Size

Band size is measured braless or wearing non padded bra. Measure around the bottom of the band. Directly under your bust. The measuring tape Should be level and very snug. Now see the measurement on the measuring tape, and if it is a whole number - then it is well and good. 

But, if it is not than try to round to the nearest whole number. If the added number is odd then add five in it, and for even add four in it. And, then calculate the band size. Your band size is the sum of calculation. 

So, for example, if you measured 32 inches then your band size will be 36, And if you measured 33 inches than your band size will be 38.

Still in Doubt?? Ask your Queries in the comment field below. We'll try to solve it within 24 hours. :)

3 Steps - To Know Your Perfect Bra Size
Bust Size Measuring

#2. Determine your - Bust Measurement

For the measurement of bust - You have to wrap the measuring tape somewhat loosely around the top most part of your breast (at the level of nipple). And try to round the number to nearest whole number. Similar in the previous step. 

Always Round Up, Never Round Down. Otherwise - You'll end up wearing a tight fitted Bra. And, this may affect your health too.

So, To better understand - For example, if the measuring tape measures 36.5 inches you should round it of as 37 inches.
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#3. Calculate your - Cup Size

Now, it’s time to measure the cup size. And, for it subtract your band size from your bust size measurement. And, then refer to the chart given below. Example: bust measurement is 37 inches, and band size is 34 inches - then you have to calculate by following rule / Formula:
Cup Size = Bust measurement – Band measurement
whatever number we'll get after by this - will be your cup size.  37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. And, in chart below - 3 inches is equal to size C. So, Your final bra size measured will be as - 34C. Which further indicates that - it is the combined number of Your {Band size, Cup Size}. And, you need your bust size to measure these two perfectly.

3 Steps - To Know Your Perfect Bra Size
Table to Find Cup Size
In the end, I hope that you'll like the article. If you have any doubt about anything related to the article, you can leave a comment below. I'll try to help you out. Please Do Share this article with your friends And, help us grow. Thanks for your time. 

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