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10 Duties - of an Engineer (For Everyone) | Must Read & Apply!

July 12, 2017
Engineers are the creature - who exist from the time the first human being used Stone as a Weapon against Deadly animals. So, We Exist from the Stone-age Era. And, maybe before that time too. But, I'll consider the origin from Stone-age for this article. And, Engineer is not that person who has a printed paper in hand - Saying he is an engineer. But, Instead - Anyone, who has created or fixed anything in life - Can be considered as an engineer. 
The Only Difference between a Creator & Destroyer is - the Creator has its Principles!
And, As Engineers are the creator of this world - we can see around us. So, They should have some moral values and know their Responsibilities. As, I'm also an engineer. So, I've thought of 10 Duties - of an Engineer That I've learnt from the biographies of the Scientists like, Sir Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, Einstein And more... So, I hope, You'll like them. Let's have a look at them.

10 Duties - of an Engineer | Must Read & Apply!
10 Duties - of an Engineer | Must Read & Apply!
So, Technically - we all are engineers. Because, If you haven't created anything in life - then atleast you'll have a Son / Daughter. That will be your creation to improve the world in your own unique way. So, You are also an engineer. You Just need to keep track of - what are your duties and responsibilities for the world. Because:
The Better You'll make it, The Better it will treat your Loved Ones!

10 Duties - of an Engineer | Must Read

As, Now You know that a degree doesn't define an engineer. His work and dedication towards his work defines him. So, If you want to make the world a better place. Because, You want your loved ones to live in a better and Good world. So, here I've created List of 10 Duties - of an Engineer - that we all should Follow as a standard for a better future. 

10 Duties - of an Engineer (Everyone's is Engineer) | Must Read & Apply! #1. Innovate

Innovation is the First and most important Duty of an Engineer. You must, Look at the existing solutions for a problem. And, re-analyze them to find a more efficient and better solution. Because, Who knows - You may Start a completely new Era - just by modifying something. E.g. Sir Nikola Tesla, Sir T.A. Edison and many more... These two people innovate the world by electricity. And, now everything is almost changed. Using the natural resources for different purposes is a great innovation.

#2. Invent

Like Innovation, Invention for making a better solution is as important as having the idea of better solution itself. So, An Engineer is the one - who creates / invents things - in order to make the world a  better place. So, Inventions are the one of the in gem in an engineer's pocket.

#3. Upgrade

Similar to the above two duties told, This one is also connected. Because, If you Want to innovate something. And, You need to invent for the upgradation of the current system into a better one. So, All an all - these are the main 3 pillars of the engineering branch. And, If you fail to do so. You can consider yourself as a failed engineer. 

10 Duties - of an Engineer (Everyone is an Engineer) | Must Read & Apply! #4. Share - Your Experience

This one is again an important Duty of an experienced engineer. You must share your practical and theoretical experience with others. because, Sharing knowledge is the only method for the mutual betterment of all. If we'll hide - what we know, maybe the person in front of you - knows much better than you. And, because - you are acting mean to them - you'll end up having the same amount of knowledge with you that you had before. But, If you'll share it - You'll multiple it many times - and, maybe fix some bad information too. :)

#5. Make - Simpler Solutions

Recently, I was working on a project using an Arduino Uno. And, As you already know that I'm An mechanical engineer. So, Using an electronics device to control my machine is like a rocket science to me. But, As I understood the beauty of simplicity of a project. The usage of Arduino is quite simple. The Engineers - who manufactured it, made it Simpler for the usage of others via perfect designing of the process. 

And, I learned that - it is the moral duty of an engineer (in any field) to provide his work as simpler as possible to the other engineers (of any field). So, that they can use each other's work like assembling parts of a machine. And, the simplicity of usage allows everyone to create great innovative projects.

#6. Teach - for free

And, This one is kind of charity action. But, As much I've understood life till now - It is quite small for the things we wanna achieve. So, We need to keep track of everything aside our daily routine. You could take out few hours on sundays or weekends to educate some of the children - who cannot afford to study. Because, it will give you a inner satisfaction and which is very good for the person - who can change the world.

#7. Always Analyze (24x7)

It should be like a disease. You should feel infected by this disease of analyzing everything around you. From a person's behaviour to a non-living machine's working. You must analyze everything. This little habit of having active mind all the time may take some time to develop. But, Once developed - You'll feel the difference and improvements in your behaviour. You'll find many ideas around you. And, Maybe You'll find that you have no time for accomplish all those ideas. :)

#8. Keep Learning

As we age, Our learning potential decreases. We tend to become more and more lazy in physical actions as well as mental exercises. But, for a long and healthy life - we must keep on exercising our physical and mental muscles. And, Keep them as much active as we can. And, Learning about new things makes it all possible. You can learn any new language, any new technology, about new mobile etc. So, the world is full of information. - You just need to clarify your goals of learning.

10 Duties - of an Engineer (For Everyone) | Must Read & Apply!
Keep Learning!

#9. Environmental Responsibilities

Everyone has their moral responsibility towards the Environment. Because, If we'll destroy it - Indirectly we will be destroying our own future. So, As an engineer - who can manufacture a lot of industrial grade machines and devices. We need to keep the health of environment in mind. Which indirectly affects our health. And, now a days - almost everyone knows value of the environment. So, I don't need to explain here that much.

#10. Keep Engineering Something

Always, have an active hobby project for your self - apart from your daily work. Which you can use to research or upgrade any existing machine or thing. This habit of keeping working on a project all the time - will help you in making your life more productive. And, You'll be much more satisfied with your life than others.

And, That's enough for this article. Let's finish it here - before it can be officially become a book. So, I can assume that - You'll like this article about '10 Duties - of an Engineer (For Everyone)' If you have any Doubt or suggestions - You are welcome in the comments. I'll be happy to read your comments. Thanks for your time. :)

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