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Control+Alt+Delete Combination was a 'Mistake' - Bill Gates

June 10, 2017
Control+Alt+Delete Combination was a 'Mistake': As Everyone on Earth knows, Who is Bill Gates? And, One of the things - for which he is famous is that, He is the Co-Founder of the Microsoft. Which is the company for making Windows operating system. And, Today, almost all of the market uses Microsoft windows For the commercial, educational or any other purpose. And, Control+Alt+Delete Combination is the most famous Keyboard combination that becomes famous.

Control+Alt+Delete Combination was a 'Mistake' - Bill Gates
Control+Alt+Delete Combination was a 'Mistake'
Although, Bill Gates confirms recently that, the Legend Combination was a Mistake. If you are not familiar with the Key combination, It allows Freedom to Users stuck in any situation in the Windows Operating System. You can get out of the problem by calling this angel anytime. But, Now as Bill says, Control+Alt+Delete Combination was a 'Mistake'. It seems hard to grasp.

Control+Alt+Delete Combination was a 'Mistake':

While getting interviewed at a Harvard fundraising campaign, Bill states that the Key Combination was designed to prevent Programs from leaking important data. But, Comes out that it can also fetch the user out of any unwanted situation in the OS. 

“It was a mistake! we could have had a single button. But, the Engineer who did the IBM keyboard design didn’t wanna give us our single button.” Mr. David Bradley, an engineer who had also worked on the original IBM PCs, inventor of such combination. And, After a little incident the Key Combination Became the most famous Combo in windows PC. And, There's a great story behind Control+Alt+Delete Combination becoming that much famous.

How Ctrl+Alt+Del becomes Famous?

Microsoft is mostly famous for their Windows Operating system. But, Windows project is one of the few pillars of the company. But, While the journey from Windows 98 to Windows 10. In the first demonstration of the Windows XP. And, The Demo was live world-wide. They announced the fact that Windows XP is very stable version of Windows that will be out there. With no Bugs or Crashes. And, At the time of Running a program.

People from all across the planet watched the Legendary BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on their televisions. And, The Engineers run out from the closets and Press the Ultimate Combination of Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the PC. And, After that Microsoft started the automatically rebooting the PC if, BSOD comes to meet people again. That was a hell lot of Embarrassment, But as the Inventor - Mr. David Bradley said, "I just created the combination - But, Bill is the guy who made it famous!"

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