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7 Reasons - Why You Should Not Give Up On Life!

June 19, 2017
We all have some point of time in life - where we became full blank. And, We probably don't Know anything about "what to do?" At, that period of time everything seems only wrong and negative. We all hit the points in life - when it seems like going on the next to impossible. When you are already overwhelmed, it’s easy to get trapped into the thoughts of giving up Life - the one thing in the universe, which has true intrinsic value. It gives me negative feeling when someone talks to me - who is willing to give up on their life. I just wanted to help those people.

7 Reasons - Why You Should Not Give Up On Life
7 Reasons - Why You Should Not Give Up On Life

7 Reasons - Why You Should Not Give Up On Life!

Many People commit suicide everyday. You should always Push yourself ahead against live challenges in life. If it feels like things get easier as you get older. It’s only because you aren’t pushing yourself as hard as you can do so. It doesn't matter - How old we are. In life, There's always a lot of things to learn about.

#1 Imagine - How Your Loved Ones will Feel

Yes its true, by reading this heading you might thinking “what loved ones”. which love one is we talking about actually. But trust me, there are lot of people who love You - even when you know about it or not. Just try to think about those people who finds you dead, how will they feel? Think about your parents - what will they going to feel after your death? 

Parents - who nourishes you from the time when you weren't even born. After seeing or knowing this, they will just blame themselves for Your death. And, What about your friends? They will just think - how they could never notice these kind of changes appearing in you? They will Just think that - it must be something they said or did that made you to Suicide.

#2 You Are Not Alone

In life, mostly now a days, no one can stay alone. This can’t be possible that - How much you think you’re alone, you’re not. This is the age of fast internet and communicating sites. Where, no one can stay alone. I know sometimes due to hectic schedule of life, when everyone is busy in their own stuff, you can feel that you are alone. And, No one is there to care for you. But, in real - you need to just have a look around you. You'll find many helping hands - those are willing to help you. So, All you need to do is to ask for the help.

#3 Give Yourself Credits At This Very Moment

We all do a lot of things without getting anyone’s help. Yet, we get confused about our inner strength and feels that we know nothing - "We are so dumb and worthless". But, this suffering will not kill you - so do not give up, always try to appreciate yourself. If you start giving credits to yourself, you feel more confident about life. And, it will help you find way more good things that will come in your life as well.

#4 God Has Better Plan For You

Yes, It’s so true that whatever is happening in your life is happening for a reason. You were created for a reason, do not give up, he did not created you to end up yourself too soon. You may not find the reason of your creation yet, but it is true that something so much bigger is going to be happen with you. So, You may not find the purpose of your birth. But, god has always make us with some unique work load. God would use you for anything - but, that’s not so true. You are here for some reason definitely. All you need to do is to get prepare for the moment of your life.

#5 Stay Strong

From childhood, we are just learning to stay strong in every situation. And I know it is easier said than done. But, do it for your loved ones and mostly for yourself. Never give up at any condition. You are strong enough to fight with any problem, you just need to keep confidence in yourself, and little boosting. If you are not so strong than, think about the people you could inspire and give them strength.  

#6 Because, You May Regret Giving Up

One of the biggest purpose not to give up is that you probably regret it if you do so. You only get one shot of life. And, many chances only come along once, so face the challenges head-on and see them through to the end. If you don’t, you will be forever wondering what could have been happened - if you Didn't give up.

#7 No Shortcuts Of Instant Success

There is really no any shortcuts to achieve proper success in life. For most people, success in any field can takes time and perseverance. And, there will be setbacks along the way. Sometimes sportsman are trained very hard. And, yet they don’t win every race, even movies stars have to start at the bottom and their films flop at box-office. The ones who are at the top of their game are the ones who never give up in using long and hard way of learning. For their success in life.

Hopefully, this is because you’ve managed to achieve all those thing you hoped for your life. You can have a better life, you can be happier. It all depends on You anr your perspective of life. All you need to do is to change your perspective a little bit. And, Life will again start looking great to you.

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