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5 Reason - Why You Shouldn’t Wear Bra While Sleeping?

June 19, 2017
It always happens to you - to come back home after long and exhausting day. To lay on your bed with your clothes on, and just to fall asleep at the same minute. It is natural to sleep - when you are so much tired. Even we can fall asleep without taking off jeans, shirt, and even our bra. And, Inner-wears are the most sensitive cloths those should be taken care of. That's why Today I've selected the topic of 5 Reason - Why You Shouldn’t Wear Bra While Sleeping?. I Hope, This article may help you in understanding and managing life in better way.

5 Reason - Why You Shouldn’t Wear Bra While Sleeping?
5 Reason - Why You Shouldn’t Wear Bra While Sleeping?

5 Reason - Why You Shouldn’t Wear Bra While Sleeping

But, putting bra at night while sleeping can cause you lots of problem. You surely do not know that wearing  bra while sleeping can cause numerous health issues. It's Not about What you show do to fit in society - But, What you should do to keep yourself healthy. Here's list of the reasons those I think are enough for changing your habit. If you are in doubt or want to discuss anything. Feel free to comment below.

#1 It Causes Restlessness

The most common and physical problem that every women can feel while wearing bra in bed is feeling of restlessness and discomfort. Wearing bra while sleeping can cause an unnoticeable irritation, which can destroy your calm and good sleeping also. Being constricted, even slightly can affect your sleep, much like wearing tight clothing to bed. So always try to avoid bra if you want to sleep good.

#2 It Inhibits Circulation

This condition is mostly in case of underwire bras, your circulation suffers. Wires are put for your comfort and to avoid breast sagging, but if you are wearing your underwire bra at night, than it will constrict your muscles and that affect the circulation of the nerves in your arms. Wearing a tight fitted bra, including sports bra can hurt your breast tissue due to constantly restricted circulation.

#3 It Causes Skin Irritation

Skin irritation by wearing bra in bed is an common issue. The straps and hooks can protrude (peek) in the skin and cause lesions (wound) or even it can cause cysts if it left long (particularly this happens in case of underwire bra). You may not even notice the slight pain during night.

#4 It Can Causes Fungus In Breast

Regularly wearing ill-fitted bra to bed can cause the perfect warm and moist environment that fungi loves to breed in. yes it can sound unpleasantly that growth of fungus in bra, but it’s true, most women wearing bras that don’t fit properly, so the chance of developing breast fungus may be more. Taking small steps to remove your bra at night, particularly if you are live in hot climate and have larger bust (breast) size, can gently reduce your chances of allowing fungi to growth.

#5 It Causes Hyper-Pigmentation

This can also cause due to straps and hooks that are too tight and is constant contact with the skin, causing darkening of that particular areas. Hyper-pigmentation is a large word for dark spots, discoloration or uneven skin tone. It can cause increased levels of melanin (pigment in body that determines skin colour) in your skin, by constantly rubbing against your skin, causing friction, irritation and damage your skin.

That's all for now. I Hope, you'll like my article. If you are in doubt or want to suggest anything new to make it better. You are welcome to the comment field below. I'll be very happy to read and answer your comments. And, one thing is for sure... I'll definitely not charge for making good appreciation comments. Thanks for your time.

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