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37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You

June 18, 2017
Human Body is a Great Piece of Art & Engineering Combined. I mean, Can you Imagine Such kind of complex machine Working 24x7 From the Birth to the Day we Die. It keeps on functioning unless the few casualties makes its working impossible. Even though, It has its own Defence mechanism ( Called Immune System) against the external infections and damages. So, All n all - it is a fully featured Pack of small machines - which are combined together to form a giant Master piece of work.

37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You

Even though, we call our self Human Being. OR Sometimes call Our Species with special names as HomoSapiens. But, One of the biggest Question that still roams in our mind is - "Who are we?" And, Maybe with the help of Religion & Science we've tried to answer that question. But, Something is still not clear. And, Moreover we still don't know many things about even our own body. That's Why Today in this article - I'm going to tell You 37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You. We've collected and known these facts with the help of scientific analysis of Human Body. Let's Have a Look At them one by one.

37 Incredible Amazing Facts | About Human Body

Here's a list of These 37 Facts about your own Body. These all are the Facts collected from various sources. So, If you want to add any Fact or want to Point out the wrong one. You can use the power of your voice in the comments section below the article. We'll be happy to act according to you. Let's Jump in the list.

  1. The Only Part That Don't have a Blood Supply is, "The Cornea of Your Eye". It Receives Oxygen directly from the air.
  2. Your Brain has a Memory Capacity of more than 4 TB equivalent to a computer. Which, supports the Fact. That We are the Super computers of the time.
  3. A New-Born Child can swallow & breath at the same time - upto 7 months of the birth.
  4. Heart can pump 182 Million Litres of Blood Throughout an average life-span.
  5. 50,000 cells are being created and Destroyed during in Your Body. While You are reading this sentence.
    37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You
    37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You
  6. Women's Heartbeats are Faster than Men.
  7. Right Handed People Lives Average 9 Years More than Left handed People.
  8. About 2/3 People tilt their Head to Right, while Kissing. What about You? (Do Comment)
  9. About 90% of the People forget about their dreams. Isn't is Sad? because, we spend almost 33% of our Life Sleeping.
  10. On Average, You breath at faster rate in Spring than in Autumn.
  11. We lose 80% of The Body Heat from Our Head.
  12. When you blush, Your Stomach also turns Red. Who knows, Maybe someday we can see it.
  13. At a Time, 700 Enzymes are active in a Human Body.
  14. You Feel Thirst, When the water Loss in Your Body Equals the 1% of the total weight of Body. If It falls below 5% - You'll feel dehydration. And, Loss more than 10% can cause death. So, You must drink 2 litres of water daily.
  15. Humans are the only Living being - which Sleeps on their Back.
    37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You
    37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You
  16. An Average - 4 years child asks 450 Question a day.
  17. The Scientific Name for the Belly Button is 'Umbilicus'.
  18. Teeth are the Only Part of Human Body - Which can't heal Themselves.
  19. You need average 7 Minutes to Fall asleep.
  20. Right handed people chew mostly on their Right side of mouth. And, similarly Left handed people.
  21. Only 7% of the Humans are Left Handed.
  22. If Allowed, Length of One's Hairs can be as long as 725 Kms. I means, Wow!!
  23. The Total Weight of the bacteria in your body is approx. 2 KGs.
  24. Your Lips are 100 times sensitive than the tips of your fingers.
  25. A Warm kiss can Increase Your heart rate From 72 to 100 beats per minutes or more.
  26. You Pass 300 Kinds of bacteria, while kissing. Out of which 95% are not even harmful.
  27. Human beings are the Only Animals, which can draw Straight Lines. Interesting??
  28. A Passionate kiss - Causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as - Sky Diving, Or Firing a Gun.
    37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You
    37 Incredible Facts | About Your Body That will Amuse You
  29. People with Blue eyes, are more sensitive to Pain than others.
  30. The Strongest Muscle in Your Body is Tongue.
  31. Your Right Lung can take-in more air than your left.
  32. The Smallest Cells in a Man's Body are Sperm cells.
  33. There are 40,000 Small bacterias in Your Mouth. 😮 It's Time to kiss someone. 
  34. Your Tongue has 2000 taste buds.
  35. Your Heart pumps blood with such pressure as it can pump it to the 4th floor of a building.
  36. You Burn More Calories while Sleeping, than watching TV.
  37. Your Bones are about 5 times stronger than Steel.
So, Here we are - at the end of the article. I Hope, That you've liked all the facts and Learned something new. If you want to contribute a fact in the article. We'll be happy to do so for you. Just leave a comment below. And, We;ll be there for you. Thanks for your time. Happy learning.

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