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10 Ways - To Be a Better Developer / Programmer

June 10, 2017
10 ways to be a better Developer: Becoming a developer is not a rocket science. All You need to do is to learn the programming language of your interest. And, know better techniques to complete a goal of design. Although, With experience You'll become much better developer. But, Only experience will not take you to the heights you want to reach. You need to develop yourself - whole as a personality.

10 Ways - To Be a Better Developer / Programmer.
10 Ways - To Be a Better Developer / Programmer.
I've analyzed many famous developers for this article. And, I'm also a developer myself. Check my work at So, I decided to share my knowledge and experience with all of you. I Hope, You'll like the analysis and research. So, Without wasting any time - let's have a look at them.

How to be a Better Developer?

Although, There is no shortcut for anyone to be better at anything in life. But, Still there are life-styles which can help you in becoming better at your job. Here, We are going to talk about the habits and life-styles of the high end developers. Which helped them in reaching such heights in their career. Let's have a look at them.

#1. Read other's Code

Reading and analyzing other's work seems to be waste of time for the first time. But, as you'll understand the concept of developing / programming. You'll know that - by reading and understanding other's Code. You can learn new techniques and implementations for acheiving a certain goal in the design. So, It will definitely help you out.

#2. Keep an open mind

An Open mind is the key to Success. And, You can't touch the great heights with narrow mind-set. Because, I've seen many new developers who thinks that they are better than other developers. And, Thus - they don't even share their problems and They think they know everything. 

My Friends, 1 thing that I'm sure of is, "No one can know - everything in their life." So, Stop Dicking around and start acting like human being. Share your feelings and, problems related to life & Work with your Buddies. And, Learn from everyone - even though, they are not from the same field as you are.

#3. Fix bugs than writing New Code

This is the one of most Seen habits of developers that, If they code gives bug. They Simply delete the whole code and try to write it from the beginning. This method may work-out well in small Programming practices. But, It is total waste in the industrial level. 

Where, you want to write million lines of code. And, You need to find and fix the bug. Even though the compiler says the error is at line 9776. But, You know - the problem arises way before the indicated line. That is one of the thing, which only a developer can understand. (Algorithm bug)

#4. Learn about New Technology

Keep the track of all the upcoming and future updates in the technology. This information may not directly benefit you in your work field. But, will help you in solving the existing problems with the newly available technology. These small things separates, ordinary people form Geniuses.

#5. Keep it Simple

Don't try to complicate things in the code. And, so in life. Because, I've seen developers by my side - who write complex code by intentions. Only because, they don't want other people to understand their code. But, This may not be a good idea. Because, You can't remember everything throughout your life. But, you can understand things easily whenever they come to you. Keeping things simple will help you in many cases. So, Keep it simple and neat.

#6. Write a Blog Post about your Code

Writing about your code and explaining them to other developers in the blog. This action will not only help other developers to be better, but also help you in understanding the small steps, where you could have upgraded your code for better efficiency of time and resources.

In a way, This is a method of mutual-benefit for the readers and the writer too. And, also it will make a memory and bench-mark of your work on that project. Everyone, can get help from the blog and learn from you - even after you'll retire. 

#7. Contribute to Open Source

Open Source is one of the most fascinating things out there on the web. Every Developer on the Earth, must Share their code and projects to the Open Source community. It is Like, the same thing as mutual-benefit as told in the above topic. Because, Sharing the knowledge is the only way to achieve greatness and discover new things from each other.

#8. Fix it, Don't Hack it

What we call in India as, "Jugaad" (Hindi). In real learning, there is no place of it. You need to first understand the origin of the problem. And, then fix it with all the possible resources you have. Because, Hacking through it - or covering the problem with other solutions might work for the current situation. But, it is not long lasting. And, will not allow you to learn more and be better. So, Fix the problems with a peaceful calm mind.

#9. Leave Your Desk Every Hour

This may be proved one of the best method to improve your skills. Because, taking break from work and looking at the dumb computer screen helps in boosting your imagination and innovation skills. The time you'll work - you can't think of something new. So, You need to have free time for creativity to grow. 

#10. Get Someone to read your code - Share it with Other Developers

Sharing is caring. Like, If someone will take a look at the depth of your work. Then, only they can help you by pointing out the problems and benefits of it. So, this will help in making your code better. The smaller and less-resource hungry your code is, the better developer you will be.

And, That's enough for this article. Let's finish it here - before it can be officially become a book. So, I can assume that - You'll like this article about '10 Ways - To Be a Better Developer / Programmer.' If you have any Doubt or suggestions - You are welcome in the comments. I'll be happy to read your comments. Thanks for your time.


  1. And Brother now I think, I should share my code to others - The best developer of Your Batteam

    1. Thanks for your faith in TheBATeam And me. I'm glad that you learned something new today. Keep doing good in life.

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