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10 Ways - How Men Are Dressing Wrong!

June 19, 2017
Men are mostly very casual regarding their dressing. They just like - what they are wearing is good yet they are comfortable in that. But, even they are wearing wrong due to million different option and zero sense of directions. They don't bother about - how they look. Most cases, They don't bother to know about dresses. And, they think it is quite a waste of time. So, Here I'm Going to point out the 10 Ways - How Men Are Dressing Wrong. Let's Have a look at it.

10 Ways - How Men Are Dressing Wrong!
10 Ways - How Men Are Dressing Wrong!

10 Ways - How Men Are Dressing Wrong

Sometimes, the best way to look good is to learn new and simple things from your own mistakes. A little detail makes biggest mistake that mostly men don’t care about. So, Here are few common issues that are found in the behaviour of men. Have a look.

#1 Size of Cloths

It is true that everybody has different types. So, before buying the cloth you should know your body type. It is a big myth that skinny guys should wear loose cloths to look them wider, In fact, loose clothes looks them more thin. This case is also applied to fat or heavier boys that wearing tight clothes gives them slimmer look, but tight clothes high lights yours flaws areas. So, always try to wear loose cloths to look good.

#2 Rolling of Sleeves

Girls are biggest fan of rolled sleeve guys. But most of guys rolls their sleeve in wrong way and that give them very messy look. Don’t push your sleeve or just roll it like t-shirt, instead of this you can use MASTER SLEEVE ROLL UP. It can be done in three steps yet it is quick short and attracts a lot of girls too.
A.) Fold over the sleeve inside out up your arm.
B.) Fold the bottom of the inside out sleeve over the cuff.
C.) Leave the ends of the cuff exposed.
This will give you a perfect and stylish roll up sleeve.

#3 Size of Denims

Most man wears wrong jeans size, they mostly wear too large size or too small tight. Instead of wearing wrong check before buying by doing simple test, put two finger comfortably in between hip and waist band than it is perfect. Try to go for classic darker shades and acid washed denims, as they are always in fashion and trends.

#4 Use of Watches

When we see a guy with and empty wrist it shows incomplete, and it also might give you a lack of opportunities. So guys if you want to impress a girl, you should wear watches. That are very good for every look, watches can change your look from normal to classic. Even you are wearing casual, watches are perfect accessory to fulfil your complete look.

#5 Types of Shoes

We all know that shoes are the first thing a person notice in you. So always try wear a good pair of shoes. Important thing guys should keep in mind that same pair of shoes cannot go with every dress types. And athletic shoes are not only the types of shoes that a men can wear. There are many more options like, casual shoes, sneakers, black or brown dress shoes, leather shoes and boots. These five style can give you all different and trendy looks.

#6 Matching of shoes and belt colours

Guys you should always keep in mind that matching the exactly same colour of belt and shoes is not always necessary. You can try different colour of belts and shoes but not contrasting colours. But in case of black shoes try to use same black belt.

#7 Neck size of T- shirts

Now its time to go for variation of neck sizes. Yes, now a days using of V sized neck is very trending in men, it is good to use different variation of necklines but always keep in mind that all body type is different so, before buying a deep V neck check if the bottom of V id not below than 2 to 3 inches of your collar bones, than only it looks perfect on you.

#8 Tucking of shirt

Tucking of all types of shirt is not the style statement always remember guys. So don’t tuck your casual shirt or polo. And don’t leave untuck your formal shirts. But sometimes formal shirts can gives you a casual look without tucking, so now it is bit confusing what to tuck and what to not, its simple guys before tucking check the length of your size if the length is long than the wrist than it should be tucked. And if the hemline of the shirt are curve and short leave it untucked only.

#9 Baggy shorts

Guys always love baggy shorts as they seems they are too comfortable and cool for them but it is not always good to wear baggy shorts which are falling below the knees. So chose a length 2 to 3 inches above your knees. Too long or too short shorts are not look good on guys. Always keep this in mind.

#10 Buying blazers

Blazers are symbolises the class. But every 80% of men wear wrong size of blazers, so before buying blazers few things always keep in your mind that if the shoulder seam is falling from you shoulder than it is too big for you and if the shoulder seam is before the shoulder level and it restrict your movement of hands than it is too small for you. For prefect fit, the shoulder seam should be just upon your shoulder level.

At the end, one thing always keep in mind that don’t limit yourself, in experimenting with new look. Don’t be afraid of colours, and even in different patterns and textures, yet you are comfortable. Fashion is good for man and it  can show that - even men by applying few correct things in their dressing can be more attractive.

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