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10 Reasons - Why Women Leave the Men They Really Love? | Must Read

April 08, 2017
Why Women Leave the Men They Really Love: One thing, I must say that “The Woman is the most complicated & Beautiful creation of the almighty.” The Female Gender in all the animal kingdom on this planet is the root to the creation of universe. Trying to Attract them towards us is the main thing for which we men are mainly programmed, biologically. But, the complexity of their nature makes it very difficult to understand – What they really think? Or Psychology of their actions in real life. It is very difficult to know about, what made her So upset Today? Or Did You do something wrong?, Why isn’t she talking to you today? Etc. etc.

10 Reasons - Why Women Leave the Men They Really Love? | Must Read

So, To Save your Love Life and understand your Partner of life better. You need to know – What you shouldn’t do to not turn her mood into an active volcano. Although, these points we are going to discuss are based on little psychology and study of women. Most of the cases, they will apply to your situation – but, Not for all situations. As, Women actions becomes sometimes very random and illogical.

So, understanding the random events based on an action which you did 5 years ago is quite painful actually. Most of the cases you don’t even know the reason at all. (kidding) So, Not Understanding your partner is the first mistake that most of men do. Thus, without any further delay – Lets have a look at the 10 Reasons – Why Women leave the Men They Really love? And try to enhance your love life with these tips.

Why Women leave the Men They Really love?

In my point of view, Women are quite stronger creatures of this planet – maybe not physically but emotionally. Because, Leaving the Men They Really Love, is not an easy task to do. They choose to do hard things based on the long term future forecasting of their life. Which, we men nearly don’t do at all. And, thus it seems very difficult to understand their nature completely.

“Any Man Who can drive safely – while kissing a pretty girl
Is not giving the kiss attention it deserves”

#1. Lack of Common Interest:

The Lack of Common interests is not a GOOD Sign. Because, it can lead to your conversation to those topics – which you think are not that much interesting. And, Woman interpret your interest in the conversation to your interest in her. But, in real – it is not the case. You were simply not paying that much interest, just because of the topic you both were discussing.

That’s why, most of the men read about things those their partner love. So, If you are facing this kind of problem. Do start making a common interest. And, It is not faking yourself over your partner. It is your effort in making your love life even more stronger. So, always be positive and keep loving her.

#2. Lack of basic Communication:

The Lack of basic communication between you two, will definitely drive her away. But, the technology these days – is so advance that wherever you are in this world. You can stay in touch with people with the little device in your hands (called mobile phone). So, keep talking to her about random things – occurred that day. The things she ate, or did on that day. Share the same things for your day.

But, Don’t extend it too far. If you feel that the conversation is going for hours, but for no real interest from both sides. You need to spice things up. And, a date is the best way of communicating your feelings instead of phone calls.

#3. When Selfishness takes over:

The Selfishness is the things, which has ruined more relationships than any other reason. To Enjoy anything in life, do it without any self-benefit. And, it will return the favor in various ways. If you think your relationship as a business deal, where you’ll trade something for the thing you need. You my friend, are wasting time and lives.

Don’t take the selfish mode ever turn on in your life. Do things for others without any reason. And, they’ll do the same for you too. Small decisions, where you keep your partner’s interest lower than yours - Makes all the difference.

#4. Insecurities:

The insecurities can occur only, if you both have no believe in each other. And, these insecurities can only be removed by talking over and doing action for the future of your relationship. Most of the time, they are about future of the relationship. So, You must work-hard to make her feel that – you have the guts to save your future.

#5. Too many Lies:

One of the things that women hate the most is a ‘lie’. Even though, they sometimes use this weapon too. But, they don’t want their partner to lie about anything in the relationship. Because, lie can create complications in a beautiful bondage of hearts. And, Women prefer a simple relationship – ‘full of love’ with no lies and complications.

#6. No personal Space:

If Not lying is the rule of thumb for the GOOD relationship. Then, she has the power to dig the dark secrets of you from within. And, you can do the same. But, no… it is not the case. Because, rules shouldn’t become curse to your relationship – that’s why, you need to give your partner their Personal space too. You can’t every time ask them about a random Facebook friend, who keep reacting ‘Love’ on their profile pics. Or You should never read their personal messages. This creates trust issues and breaks the most beautiful and basic thing for a relationship – i.e. Trust.

#7. Being too cold:

Men are not so much emotionally active. Because, this is due to the reason they need go out in this cold world and earn. And, the rough conditions of the outer world turn them into biological robots with cold blood (or less emotional feelings). And, if this becomes the part of your nature then you need to change it. It’ll take time – but, it worth giving a shot for the sake of your relationship.

This Cold nature, becomes a big wall between you two – when she really needs you the most. And, if you can’t support her when she needs you the most. How can you even think you are possibly in a relation? So, Start showing your feelings too. Because, humans do have feelings and they share it with other humans. Unless you are a Robot.

#8. Trying to change her:

Wow! That’s an amazing thing you can ever do. Stopping her for doing things that she loves, will never give you anything. You should never try to change her true nature. Because, that is something due to you fell in love with her. This thing comes under the same concept as Giving her personal Space.
But, If you have to do so, make sure to give her a proper explanation – why you did stop her for doing that? Because, talking through the problem is the best way to solve it. And, if you will talk about your decision and reason – it will enhance your relationship and trust.

#9. Not giving her enough time:

This doesn’t mean you need to talk to her, keep starring or be with her 24x7. But, the time you will be with her, be only with her. Don’t take your office’s workload to home and get buried under that load. Because, home is the place where you can forget all the burdens. (notice, I never mentioned ‘House’, Home and House are different).

#10. Comparing her with others:

Never Compare the love of your life with other girls. She is unique, and You don’t compare unique things with others. Isn’t her uniqueness being the reason you chose her above all other girls. And, Now – when she’s with you. You are comparing her against all those girls. Does your action make any sense to you?

So, stop doing it. Never compare your girl and don’t even insult her in your friend circle – just to look cool or have a little laugh. It can break hearts. And, if you are so funny guy – look for other things to make fun off, instead of your own girl.


I’m not a human nature expert, but analyzing human behavior from last couple of years. I’ve gained this much knowledge about humans. Although, the 10 Headings of the article are not my own creation. I’ve read them somewhere on the internet before (maybe a long time ago, sticks to my mind). But, All the thoughts (other than headings) about the topic are my own thinking and understanding of the topic. If you find anything offensive or wrong. Feel free to correct me through your comments.

And, If you really liked my article – take 2 min. of your time to appreciate my thoughts. I’ll be happy to see them. If you want to suggest me a topic to write on – I’ll be happy to do so. Just throw a comment. At last, I would say – thanks for your time. Be Happy. Enjoy your relationship by understanding it more. Because, Relationships are all about connection of mind (not brain). :)

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