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In which language did people think, when no language had been invented?

March 25, 2017
Is Thinking without a Language possible?: First of all, I wanted to clarify the fact that there is a difference between the Process of *Thinking* & Process of *Communicating*. And, as You are a Human being - you probably understand both the processes. While, We need to think before Communicating - but, maybe not vice-versa. Although, Sometimes we also speak words inside our heads to reach to a conclusion while thinking. 

So, is Thinking depend on Language? or Language helps in thinking better? In which language did people think, when no language had been invented? We'll have a look at the answers to all of them in this article. I'll explain things based on my own perception and analysis of friends & other people around me. So, Without wasting any time - Let's directly jump to the answer to this Question.

In which language did people think, when no language had been invented?

Do we need Language to think?

As per my understanding of Human beings, Thinking is not dependent on language. Language is just a layer on the actual thinking process. Language, in my eyes is nothing more than just the linking of one thing to the other. e.g. You link the word, “Cat” with a specific sound in your head - and a specific animal in real world. So, it helps in recalling about that specific animal after it is gone. But, In actual - these visuals & Spoken Sounds are linking one Kind of chemical composition to the other, inside our brain.

So, its all about linking two or more things (chemicals) - in language. Language just teach you to better link things in brain - in more systematic way. While you just create a chemical image about the properties of that specific animal (cat) in your brain. Language allows you to recall that chemical compositions (structure) again easily and directly - without having the real thing in front of you. So, we can easily visualize a virtual image while talking. but, Can't easily explain all the complex visualizations and its precise details via talking.

Thinking Doesn't Require any language:

Let’s take an example of thinking - Let’s say you saw a ghost in your room, in midnight. What would be your first reaction? - like, who is there behind the curtain. After removing the curtain - you found out it is a ghost (as, no-one was there). So, Your first reaction would be running to save your life. And, it is not a reflex action of your body. It is the result of your brain’s selection from the - choice list in DNA for survival. the choice list maybe something like this in the DNA.
  • Fight for the survival 
  • Look for alternate solutions, for surviving.
  • RUN The Hell out from the situation, as fast as you can
So, You do think - when you think you don’t. And, if this was a little tough for you to understand - There's another good example came to my mind while writing this article. Let's have a look at this thought too.

In which language did people think, when no language had been invented?

Connection of Language and Thinking:

Example #2: Whenever you are thirsty. You don't think inside your head like - "I am feeling thirsty, and I want to drink water." Nope, You simply ask your mom or sometimes get up and walk towards the fridge to take a water bottle. because, The message of thirst (in chemicals) already reached your brain and processed to result into Commands like - speak (to mom) or Walk (to fridge). Thus, Analyzing this simple daily life phenomenon will easily explain the answer to this Question.

Also, As we know that mathematics is the language of the universe. So, Everything in the universe can be expressed directly or indirectly in mathematics. While, Logic tells us the right way to understand those expressions. Thus, Thinking is a mathematical process of ‘Logic’ - layered with chemical structures and molecules. I can say so, because - Atoms and molecules in a Chemical reaction reacts with each other in a certain way and order (maybe a formula).

And, Logic remains the same. No matter which language you are dealing with. Your thoughts, visuals, hearings, feelings etc. all of those things that you get while interacting with the various elements of the universe, they can be decode down to the low level language of the brain at the end (Chemical formulas & structures). because, Your Human body is a bio-logical machine and it only understands - what brain understands. And, Brain interact with the universe via chemicals (one of the element of the universe itself).


In the End, I just wanted to say that - Thinking is an advanced low level process within brain, using the chemicals as the basic unit. While Language is just an extra layer of High Level Linking of the things with Low Level Elements. And, You can also clarify the answer about "In which language did people think, when no language had been invented?" via analyzing your pet. Because, They also don't speak any language - But, Few of their Action resembles that they also thinks. 

That's all for now. I hope, you've liked my answer about this random question arise to my mind. If you are in doubt or want to add anything. You can make a comment below. The contradiction arguments are also welcome. I'll try to answer them all. Thanks for your time.

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